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Smoky Mountain Resorts is proud to be an equal opportunity employer providing benefits and career possibilities in a variety of positions. All of our employees receive the trust and respect due hospitality professionals. Every member of our team participates in monthly and yearly performance based bonus programs, as well as quarterly and annual appreciation and family events. Smoky Mountain Resorts offers a competitive pay package as well as health insurance, paid vacation and other fringe benefits for full-time employees.

Smoky Mountain Resorts continually seeks to improve its staff through the selection of enthusiastic and knowledgeable applicants. To apply for a position, please print and complete the application for employment. Applications and resumes may be faxed to (865)453-2564, or mailed to:

Smoky Mountain Resorts
P O Box 648
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868

Guest Services

With the variety of lodging options offered by Smoky Mountain Resorts comes a great opportunity to join the front lines of the hospitality industry in several different areas. Front Desk Clerks, Breakfast Hosts, and Pool Attendants provide guest services to our in-house clients.

Front Desk Clerks

Great Service begins with genuine concern for guest satisfaction. Our Desk Clerks must exhibit friendliness, attentiveness, and a desire to aid the Guest. Knowledge of the area’s roads, attractions, restaurants, etc, helps to ensure our Desk Clerks’ success. All of our properties are open 24- hours, every day of the year, therefore, a flexible schedule is a must. Permanent and temporary positions may be available for full- or part-time.

Breakfast hosts

Every morning begins with a great breakfast – and Smoky Mountain Resorts seeks to employ friendly, energetic Breakfast Hosts. Whether it’s an “Express” breakfast or a “Made to Order Omelette”, our Guests can expect a well-stocked breakfast area featuring fresh food, a clean environment, and helpful attendants. As demand fluctuates throughout the year, a flexible schedule is a must. Permanent and seasonal positions may be available.

Pool Attendants

Awareness and diligence comprise any supervisory position, and our Pool Attendants are expected to coordinate fun and safety for our guests. Overseeing indoor and outdoor water facilities requires flexibility, heedfulness, and an ability to direct guests (and their children) in a friendly manner to ensure the safety of all. Seasonal and permanent positions may be available for well-qualified individuals. Certain certifications may be required.


Assisting Guests in the decision making process helps to ensure satisfaction with their stay. Whether it’s a family vacationer seeking the best deal for hotel rooms and attraction tickets, or a group leader organizing a multifaceted event, Smoky Mountain Resorts’ Sales Team is expected to guide the Guest to the best possible solution.

Call Center

Smoky Mountain Resorts’ Reservation Center employs local telephone operators who must also act as Travel Specialists. Knowing each and every room, all the differing amenities, pool hours, breakfast items, and helpful tips for each of our properties is simply not enough. Our Reservation Agents must also be aware of area-wide special events, details of the area’s attractions and shows, restaurant guides, driving times and distances, and much more. Qualified candidates will exhibit an eagerness to assist prospective Guests and an immense knowledge of the area. Seasonal and permanent positions may be available for full- or part-time.

Group Sales

Members of our Group Sales Department possess the ability to envision the Group Leader’s conception of a successful event: from planning, through booking, marketing, arrival, and departure – we are there every step of the way. Specializing in Tour & Travel, Coaches, School Teams, Business Meetings, Church Revivals and Workshops, and much more! From family reunions to 1200 attendee seminars, Smoky Mountain Resorts’ Group Sales Department are professionals with a passion. Candidates for any position in Group Sales must have prior Hospitality and Sales experience.


Every guestroom must meet top cleanliness standards prior to being rented. Our Housekeeping Staff is responsible for general room cleanliness, as well as for ensuring overall appearance, preparedness, and safety. Quick, thorough, and proficient execution of Housekeeping duties ensures our Guests’ satisfaction.


Guests expect clean rooms and facilities and our Housekeeping Staff is held to a high standard. Schedule flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing scenarios is a must. Successful Housekeepers are efficient, meticulous, and enthusiastic. Often in direct contact with Guests, Housekeepers are expected to be knowledgeable of the hotel, as well as able to offer travel tips, directions, and sight-seeing suggestions.

Executive Housekeeper

The Executive Housekeeper is part of the Management Team and assists in the hiring, training, scheduling, development and evaluation of the housekeeping staff. Attention to detail and the ability to motivate the housekeeping crew is a must. Previous management experience preferred.


Overall appearance and functionality of the hotel is essential to Guest satisfaction. Our maintenance team endeavors to keep operations running smoothly.

Building Maintenance

Maintenance positions require general knowledge of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Job duties vary greatly from day to day. As Maintenance Personnel are in direct contact with Guests, a positive attitude and friendly manner are a must. Other requirements include: ability to lift 75-100 pounds, standing or kneeling for long periods of time, working with pool chemicals and various cleaners, grounds and yard upkeep, observance of workplace safety rules, ability to be “on call“, etc.


Our maintenance staff is augmented by janitorial services. This position is responsible for cleaning public areas and assisting the Maintenance Department. A basic knowledge of simple electrical repair, carpentry, HVAC, and plumbing are preferred.


The Smoky Mountain Resorts’ Management Team consists of experienced hospitality professionals. Although intra-company promotion is preferred, we are always looking to add outstanding candidates to our team. All Management positions are salaried, six-days-per-week.

General Manager

The Smoky Mountain Resorts’ Management Team consists of experienced hospitality professionals. Although intra-company promotion is preferred, we are always looking to add outstanding candidates to our team. All Management positions are salaried, six-days-per-week.

Assistant General Manager

The Assistant General Manager supports the General Manager in all aspects of hotel operations.

Basic Requirements

Every position at Smoky Mountain Resorts differs in particular job duties and expectations. Some that are shared by all are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • The legal right to work and remain in the United States
  • Schedule flexibility
  • The ability to stand for an eight hour shift
  • Basic reading and writing skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • The ability to stoop, bend, and lift up to 45 pounds
    (Maintenance Personnel: 75-100 Pounds)
  • The ability to use chemical cleaners in a safe manner
  • An understanding and observance of workplace safety regulations

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